CIFS printing support

The Output service supports Common Internet File System (CIFS) printing. A printer administrator must make a printer accessible to the CIFS protocol. On computers running Windows, this step is done by sharing the printer or the net share command. On UNIX-like systems, this step is done by using the Samba server.

If the printer is secured, the printer administrator may provide the LiveCycle administrator with the user name and password that are required to print to the printer queue. To access the printer by using the user name and password, the LiveCycle administrator must register them by using LiveCycle trust store. The Output service looks up the user name and password for a given UNC path by using it and its parent components as the profile name.

Assume that the LiveCycle administrator registers \\\printer as a profile in the LiveCycle trust store. In this situation, the Output service searches for the credentials of a printer by looking up aliases in the Trust Store in the following order:

The Output service sends the print job to the first matching entry.

Note: LiveCycle supports NTLM v2 in CIFS. Kerberos5 is not supported.

Assume that a LiveCycle user invokes the sendToPrinter operation, passes the printer path as the server name parameter, and leaves the printer name parameter blank. The required user name and password values are resolved by using LiveCycle Trust Store profiles.

When using the CIFS protocol, the printer queue is shared as a resource by a server. To print a file, the following tasks are performed:

  • The client authenticates itself to the server for the specific resource (for example, the shared printer queue on server).

  • After authentication, the print job is sent to the printer.

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