Policy-protecting documents for offline use

Policies can be designed so that users can open documents when they do not have a network connection to Rights Management.

Note: Documents protected with policies that allow only online use are generally more secure than documents protected with policies that allow offline use.

The first time users access an offline document, they are prompted to enable offline access. Users are not prompted again when opening any offline documents unless they open them from a different computer.

When a user enables offline access, the LiveCycle server synchronizes data with the client that is required to open documents offline. This data includes cryptographic keys and relevant updates to policies, licenses, revocation information, and so on. This data is stored in a protected client database, called a MicroSafe. The MicroSafe is encrypted. It is protected by using a platform-specific data protection API, such as the DPAPI for Windows and KeyChain for Mac OS®.

Each time a user opens a protected document while online, a background synchronization process is started. The synchronization updates the MicroSafe with incremental information since the last synchronization occurred. The offline lease period specified in the policy determines how recently the user must have synchronized to open documents offline. (See Configuring offline security in LiveCycle Administration Console Help.)

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