Document confidentiality

Rights Management uses several technologies to protect documents and to provide access to them. In general, Rights Management uses a symmetric cryptographic key system for encryption. Client applications such as Acrobat perform document encryption. Documents are never sent to the Rights Management server when they are secured using client applications. However, they are sent to the server when secured using the Rights Management Service API.

The method used to protect documents depends on whether the policy requires users to access documents while online or whether the policy enables offline use. (See Policy-protecting documents for online use and Policy-protecting documents for offline use.)

When you apply a policy to a PDF document, the information that the document contains, including files that you save in the document, is protected by the confidentiality settings specified in the policy.

Note: Document confidentiality settings applied through a policy replace settings applied to the PDF document in Acrobat by using the password or certificate security options. (See Acrobat Help.)

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