Considerations for creating forms for use with Acrobat and Adobe Reader

Keep these considerations in mind when creating forms to be opened and filled in Acrobat or Adobe Reader:

  • Consider which version of Acrobat and Adobe Reader people are using when filling the form. Setting the target version of Adobe Reader and Acrobat in Designer can help you create a form design that is compatible. See Selecting the Acrobat and Adobe Reader target version.

  • Acrobat supports full interactive functionality, including form filling, local saving, digital signatures, review and markup, database and web service calls, and printing.

  • Adobe Reader supports a smaller set of functionalities and provides users with the ability to fill and print forms, and in some situations, submit them. To extend the functionality of Adobe Reader to match that of Acrobat, you must set usage rights for the form using Adobe® LiveCycle® Reader® Extensions 10 For more information, see Using PDF security options.

  • Acrobat and Adobe Reader support client-side data exchange processing for interactive PDF forms.

  • Server-side data processing, such as dynamic rendering and redisplay of forms at run time, is available through Forms. For more information see Designing forms for Forms.

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