Distributing forms

This feature is available only in the stand-alone version of Designer.

If you have Acrobat 8 or later, you can send PDF forms to multiple recipients by using the Acrobat Distribute wizard. The wizard is available from the File menu in Designer.

The Acrobat Distribute wizard is designed for form authors who want to distribute forms and collect the form data locally on their computers. When you select File > Distribute Form, the Distribute Forms wizard opens and walks you trough a few step-by-step panes to prepare a form for distribution. Sending the form by using the wizard certifies the form originator's identity to form recipients and encrypts the data that the recipients submit when they return a filled form. It also adds usage rights to the form so that form fillers can save the form in Adobe Reader. When you close a form design in Designer, you can choose to distribute the form (if you started the form design process in Acrobat).

To distribute a form using Designer

  1. Save the form as a PDF file.

  2. To distribute the form, select File> Distribute Form.

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