Selecting the Acrobat and Adobe Reader target version

You can design a form to run on a specific target version of Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Designer displays warning messages when you try to use a feature that the selected target version does not support.

When you specify a target version of Acrobat and Adobe Reader, you must ensure that you have the correct version of Acrobat installed that matches the target version saved; otherwise, you may get an error or warning message when you click the Preview PDF tab. The target version you select is also displayed at the bottom of the Save As dialog box when you save a form.

The preview will use the same format as the saved form. You can right-click the Preview PDF tab to see which format is currently selected. To indicate the format of an unsaved form, you must change the Tools > Options > Document Handling > Default File Type For New setting.

  1. Select File > Form Properties.

  2. Click the Defaults tab and, in the Choose Version To Run Form In list, select the target version of Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

  3. Click OK.

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