Defaults (Form Properties dialog box)

Use this dialog box to specify a number of standard settings that Designer will use for each form design. If necessary, you can override these settings for an individual form design.

To display this dialog box, select File > Form Properties and click Defaults.

Choose Target Version
Specifies the default Acrobat and Adobe Reader target version in which the form will be run. Designer validates the form design as you work and displays a warning message on the Warnings tab in the Report palette if a feature that you add fails the validation for the selected Acrobat and Adobe Reader target version. You must also ensure that you have the version of Acrobat installed that matches the target version that you select; otherwise, you may get an error or a warning message when you click the Preview PDF tab. The target version you select is also displayed at the bottom of the Save As dialog box when you save a form.

Form Locale
Specifies the default language and country, or region for the form design, which defines the format and punctuation of date, time, date/time, numeric, and currency values displayed in the form. Locale options are organized first by language and then by country or region. The form locale also defines the language used by the spell-check feature. For forms that have print output for multiple locales, select the Viewer's system locale option.

Default Language
Specifies the default scripting language to use for the current form design. You can choose JavaScript or FormCalc. Keep in mind that the scripting language that is initially displayed matches the scripting language option you select as the default for new forms in the Workspace panel in the Options dialog box. To set the scripting language for new forms, use the Default Language For New Forms list in the Workspace panel in the Options dialog box. See Workspace (Options dialog box).

Default Run At
Specifies the default location for running scripts on the template. These options are available:
Indicates that scripts should be run on the client. This option is the default.

Indicates that scripts should be run on the server. The results are then returned to the browser.

Client And Server
Indicates that scripts can run on both the client and the server.

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