View information about a policy

Using the My Policies tab, you can search personal policies.

Policy sets that administrators create are listed on the Policy Sets tab of the Policies page with information about the policy set, including its name, the date created and modified, and a description. Click a policy set name to see its details. Policy set coordinators who have permission to manage policies can create shared policies within a particular policy set.

When you create or edit a policy, a page is displayed where you can configure details such as policy name, permission levels, confidentiality settings, and the recipients to include in the policy.

The administrator can configure the following confidentiality settings for a policy:

  • General document confidentiality options, such as the document validity period and offline lease period

  • The authorized users, and the document restrictions and privileges for each of those users

  • Advanced document confidentiality options, including dynamic watermarks and document encryption

Users can view the policies they created and any shared policies that they have access to. Administrators can view all the shared and personal policies that are in Rights Management.

You can view more detailed information about a policy that appears in the list, including the users or groups that are included on the policy and the confidentiality settings that are specified for those users.

Note: Policies that Acrobat auto-generates for the recipients of documents that are attached to email messages in Microsoft Outlook do not appear in the policy list. You can view these policies only by opening the Document Detail page for the associated document.
  1. On the Rights Management page, click Policies and then click the My Policies tab.

  2. Complete the search information to search for personal policies.

  3. Select the appropriate policy from the list.

  4. On the Policy Detail page, you can see details about the policy, edit the policy, or view events related to the policy.

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