Search for policies

Administrators can search for shared policies and for personal policies that were created by other users.

  1. To search for a shared policy, click Policies and then click the Policy Sets tab. Click a policy set in the list and then click the Policies tab.

    To search for a personal policy, on the Rights Management page, click Policies and then click the My Policies tab.

  2. In the Find list, select one of these options:

    Policy ID:
    The policy identification number that is generated when the user creates the policy. You must type the exact policy ID.

    Policy Name:
    The name of the policy. You can search for part or all of the policy name.

  3. In the text box, type the corresponding value. For example, if you selected Policy Name, type the policy name you are searching for.

  4. In the Display list, select the number of results to display and then click Find. The search results are displayed.

  5. (Optional) To view policy details, click the policy.

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