Copy a policy

You can copy an existing policy and save it with a new name and description. Copying policies is an efficient way to create new policies by using existing settings.

External users can copy policies only if the administrator enables this capability. If you cannot create policies, the Copy option will not be available.

  1. On the Rights Management page, click Policies and then click the My Policy tab.

  2. Select the appropriate policy from the list.

  3. On the Policy Detail page, click Copy.

  4. In the New Policy Name box, type the new policy name. Optionally, type a new Description.

    The following characters cannot be used in the name or description:

    • less-than sign (<)

    • greater-than sign (>)

    • ampersand (&)

    • single quotation mark (')

    • double quotation mark (")

    • backslash (\)

    • forward slash (/)

    If you use the following character in the name or description, they are converted to spaces:

    • carriage return (ASCII character 13)

    • new line (ASCII character 10).

    Note: You can create a policy name that contains extended characters; however, when a comparison is made between two strings, accented and non-accented characters such as "e" and "é" are considered to be the same. When someone creates a policy, a comparison is made to check whether a policy with the same name already exists. The comparison cannot distinguish between names that are the same except for accented characters. It is assumed that the policy is already added to the database and the new one is not added.
  5. Click OK.

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