Using the Rights Management Web Pages

Users and administrators use the Rights Management web pages to create and manage policies, manage policy-protected documents, and monitor events that are associated with policy-protected documents. Administrators also use the web pages to create policy sets and designate policy set coordinators, configure Rights Management default settings, manage invited user registration and accounts, and monitor and manage server, policy, user, and document-related events.

Note: You can also log in to Rights Management through Acrobat and other client applications using your user login account. (See Setting up access to Rights Management from client applications.)

To open the web pages, you require a browser and the URL and your login information for Rights Management. The URL for users is different from the URL for administrators.

Because Rights Management references your organization’s existing directories for user information, your Rights Management login information may be the same information that you use to log in to your network and other applications. See your system administrator or administrator for your account information.

To log in as an administrator, you need to have the administrator role assigned to you. You can use the default super administrator account that is created during the installation process.

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