Log in to the web pages

To log in to the web pages using a browser, you need the Rights Management URL and an account. The URL for users is different from the URL for administrators. Administrators can also log in to the user pages to create policies.

If you have access to more than one installation of Rights Management, you need the URL for the instance of Rights Management you want to access. See your administrator if you do not have this information. The default URL for the user pages is http://[host]:[port]/edc. The port number may not be required in some cases. Ask your administrator for details.

The default URL for administrators is http://[host]:[port]/adminui.

For administrators, a default super administrator account is created during installation. You can use this account to log in when Rights Management is first installed.

Note: You can also access the web pages from Acrobat and other client applications. See Acrobat Help or the appropriate Rights Management Extension Help for details.
  1. Type the URL in your browser:

    Rights Management URL: http://[host]:[port]/edc

    or Administration Console URL: http://[host]:[port]/adminui

  2. In the login window, type your user name and password, and click OK.

  3. In Administration Console, click Services > LiveCycle Rights Management 11.

Note: When working with the web pages, avoid using the browser buttons, such as the back button, refresh button, and the back and forward arrows because this action can cause unwanted data capture and data display problems.

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