Navigating the web pages

When you log in to the user web pages, you will see links to the Policies, Documents, and Events user pages.

When you log in to Administration Console and navigate to the Rights Management main page, you may also see one or two additional links, one for the Configuration page and one for the Invited and Local Users page. The Invited and Local Users page is displayed only if invited user registration is enabled.

Use these links to access the various pages, where you create and manage policies and policy-protected documents.

Display a page

 Click the name of the page; such as click Policies.

Go back to the previous page

 Click the navigation link at the top of the page for the page you want to go back to.

Refresh the data listing on a page

 On the main page, click the link to the page you want to refresh.

Note: When working with the web pages, avoid using the browser buttons, such as the back button, refresh button, and the back and forward arrows, because this action can cause unwanted data capture and data display problems.

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