Set up an online PDF review

Learn how to use FrameMaker to set up an online shared review using Adobe Document Cloud services.

To create a review PDF and share it with your reviewers through Acrobat Document Cloud service, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a document, topic, book, or DITA map.

  2. Choose Review > Send for Online Review.

    FrameMaker creates a review PDF and prompts you to sign into Adobe Document Cloud service.

  3. Enter your email address and click Continue.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to sign into your Document Cloud account.

  4. After successful login, FrameMaker uploads the file onto your Document Cloud server.

    The Send for Online Review dialog appears.

  5. In the Send for Online Review dialog, provide the following details:

    • Review Name: Enter a description of the document you are sharing for review. This description forms the Subject line of the email that is sent to all reviewers.

    • Reviewers: Enter the email ID of the reviewer and click Add.


      You can add only one reviewer at a time. To remove a reviewer from the list, select the reviewer's email ID and click Delete.

    • Set Deadline: If you want to share a time-bound review, then choose the Set Deadline option. Once you select this option, the date field is enabled wherein you can choose a date. Your review remains active till the specified date.

  6. Click Send.

    The review task is created, and an online review sent message is displayed.

  7. Click OK.


To import comments in your source document, see Import online review PDF comments and annotations.