Hypertext commands

A hypertext command in a FrameMaker document, defines an active area in a document. If a user clicks on the active area in a view-only FrameMaker document or an output such as PDF or HTML, the associated hypertext command is executed.

You can create a hypertext command in a document to provide inter-activity to the reader. See Add hypertext commands to documents.

You can use hypertext commands to perform tasks such as opening a web page, displaying an alert, go to a specific pages (first, last, page number) in the current document, open and close external applications. See Available hypertext commands.

You can then save your document as view-only, PDF or publish the document using the FrameMaker multi-channel publishing solution.

note:    Hypertext commands work differently in PDF and HTML output. See PDF and HTML: Hyper­text command support.

You can use hypertext commands in images added to a FrameMaker to Create an image map that defines multiple clickable areas in a single image.

September 30, 2016

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