Getting the current Stage orientation and aspect ratio

Orientation is reported relative to the normal position of the device. On most devices there is a clear, upright position. This position is considered the default orientation. The other three possible orientations are then: rotated left , rotated right , and upside down . The StageOrientation class defines string constants to use when setting or comparing orientation values.

The Stage class defines two properties that report orientation:

  • Stage.deviceOrientation — Reports the physical orientation of the device relative to the default position.

    Note: The deviceOrientation is not always available when your application first starts up or when the device is lying flat. In these cases, the device orientation is reported as unknown .
  • Stage.orientation — Reports the orientation of the Stage relative to the default position. When auto-orientation is enabled, the stage rotates in the opposite direction as the device to remain upright. Thus, the right and left positions reported by the orientation property are the opposite of those reported by the deviceOrientation property. For example, when deviceRotation reports rotated right , orientation reports rotated left .

The aspect ratio of the stage can be derived by simply comparing the current width and height of the stage:

var aspect:String = this.stage.stageWidth >= this.stage.stageHeight ? StageAspectRatio.LANDSCAPE : StageAspectRatio.PORTRAIT;

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