Out-of-band Licenses

Flash Player 11 and later, Adobe AIR 3.0 and later

Licenses can also be obtained out-of-band (without contacting a Adobe Access License Server) by storing the voucher (license) on disk and in memory using the storeVoucher method.

To play encrypted videos in Flash Player and AIR, the respective runtime needs to obtain the DRM voucher for that video. The DRM voucher contains the video’s decryption key and is generated by the Adobe Access License Server that the customer has deployed.

The Flash Player/AIR runtime generally obtains this voucher by sending a voucher request to the Adobe Access License Server indicated in the video’s DRM metadata ( DRMContentData class). The Flash/AIR application can trigger this license request by calling the DRMManager.loadVoucher() method. Or, the Flash Player/AIR runtime will automatically request a license at the start of the encrypted video playback if there is no license for the content on disk or in memory. In either case, the Flash/AIR application’s performance gets impacted by communicating with the Adobe Access License Server.

DRMManager.storeVoucher() allows the Flash/AIR application to send DRM vouchers that it has obtained out-of-band to the Flash Player/AIR runtime. The runtime can then skip the license request process and use the forwarded vouchers for playing encrypted videos. The DRM voucher still needs to be generated by the Adobe Access License Server before it can be obtained out-of-band. However, you have the option of hosting the vouchers on any HTTP server, instead of a public-facing Adobe Access license server.

DRMManager.storeVoucher() is also used to support DRM voucher sharing between multiple devices. In Adobe Access 3.0, this feature is referred to as “Domain Support”. If your deployment supports this use case, you can register multiple machines to a device group using the DRMManager.addToDeviceGroup() method. If there is a machine with a valid domain-bound voucher for a given content, the AIR application can then extract the serialized DRM vouchers using the DRMVoucher.toByteArray() method and on your other machines you can import the vouchers using the DRMManager.storeVoucher() method.

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