Using the FLVPlayback Captioning Component

The FLVPlayback component lets you include a video player in your Adobe Flash CS5 Professional application to play downloaded Adobe Flash Video (FLV or F4V) files and streaming FLV or F4V files. For more information on FLVPlayback, see Using the FLVPlayback Component .

The FLVPlaybackCaptioning component allows you to include closed captioning support for your video. The captioning component supports W3C standard XML format Timed Text and includes these features:

Captioning with Embedded Event Cue Points
Associate embedded event cue points in an FLV file with XML to provide captioning instead of using a Timed Text XML file.

Multiple FLVPlayback Captioning
Create multiple FLVPlayback captioning instances for multiple FLVPlayback instances.

Toggle Button Control
Provide user interaction with captioning through a captioning toggle button.

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