Play multiple FLV files with captioning

You can open multiple video players within a single instance of the FLVPlayback component to play multiple videos and switch between them as they play. You can also associate captioning with each video player within the FLVPlayback component. For more information on how to open multiple video players, see Use multiple video players . To use captioning in multiple video players, create one instance of the FLVPlaybackCaptioning component for each VideoPlayer and set the FLVPlaybackCaptioning videoPlayerIndex to the corresponding index. The VideoPlayer index defaults to 0 when only one VideoPlayer exists.

The following is an example of code that assigns unique captioning to unique videos. To run this example, the fictional URLs in the example must be replaced with working URLs.

captioner0.videoPlayerIndex = 0; 
captioner0.source = "http://www.[yourDomain].com/mytimedtext0.xml";"http://www.[yourDomain].com/myvideo0.flv"); 
captioner1.videoPlayerIndex = 1; 
captioner1.source = "http://www.[yourDomain].com/mytimedtext1.xml"; 
flvPlayback.activeVideoIndex = 1; ("http://www.[yourDomain].com/myvideo1.flv");

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