Coding the native side with Java

Android devices use Java as their primary application development language. If you are targeting your native extension for such a device, use the native extensions Java API to code the “native” side of your extension. You can also use the AIR extension C API with the Android Native Development Kit for some purposes. For information on using the C API, see Coding the native side with C .

The Java API is provided in the file FlashRuntimeExtensions.jar. The file is available in the AIR SDK in the lib/android directory. The AIR SDK is available at .

To code the Java side of a native extension for Adobe AIR, do the following:

  • Implement the FREExtension interface.

  • Extend the FREContext abstract class with one or more concrete subclasses.

  • Implement the FREFunction interface for each Java function that can be called from the ActionScript side of the extension.

For details about each Java API function, such as parameters and return values, see Android Java API Reference .

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