AIR 3.0 and later


typedef void (*FREContextInitializer)( 
        void*                        extData, 
        const uint8_t*           ctxType, 
        FREContext               ctx, 
        uint32_t*                numFunctionsToSet, 
        const FRENamedFunction** functionsToSet 


A pointer to the extension data of the native extension. The function FREInitializer() created the extension data.

A string identifying the type of the context. You define this string as required by your extension. The context type can indicate any agreed-to meaning between the ActionScript side and native side of the extension. If your extension has no use for context types, this value can be Null . This value is a UTF-8 encoded string, terminated with the null character.

An FREContext variable. The runtime creates this value and passes it to FREContextInitializer() . See FREContext .

A pointer to a unint32_t . Set numFunctionsToSet to a unint32_t variable containing the number of functions in the functionsToSet parameter.

A pointer to an array of FRNamedFunction elements. Each element contains a pointer to a native function, and the string the ActionScript side uses in the ExtensionContext instance’s call() method. See FRENamedFunction .




The runtime calls this method when the ActionScript side calls ExtensionContext.createExtensionContext() . Implement this method to do the following:

  • Initialize your extension context. The initializations can depend on the context type passed in the ctxType parameter.

  • Save the value of the ctx parameter so it is available to calls the native implementation makes to FREDispatchStatusEventAsync() .

  • Use the ctx parameter to initialize context-specific data. This data includes context-specific native data and context-specific ActionScript data.

  • Set up an array of FRENamedFunction objects. Return a pointer to the array in the functionsToSet parameter. Return a pointer to the number of array elements in the numFunctionsToSet parameter.

The behavior your FREContextInitializer() method can depend on the ctxType parameter. The ActionScript side can pass a context type to ExtensionContext.createExtensionContext() . Then, the runtime passes the value to FREContextInitializer(). This function typically uses the context type to choose the set of methods in the native implementation that the ActionScript side can call. Each context type corresponds to a different set of methods.

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