AIR 3.0 and later


FREResult FRECallObjectMethod( 
            FREObject                 object, 
            const uint8_t*                methodName, 
            uint32_t                argc, 
            FREObject                argv[], 
            FREObject*                result, 
            FREObject*                thrownException 


An FREObject that represents the ActionScript class object on which a method is being called.

A uint8_t array. This array is a string that is the name of the method being called. Use UTF-8 encoding for the string and terminate it with the null character.

A uint32_t. The value is the number of parameters passed to the method. This parameter is the length of the argv array parameter. The value can be 0 when the method to call takes no parameters.

An FREObject array. Each FREObject element corresponds to the ActionScript class or primitive type passed as a parameter to the method being called. The value can be NULL when the method to call takes no parameters.

A pointer to an FREObject. This FREObject variable is to receive the return value of the method being called. The FREObject variable represents the ActionScript class or primitive type that the method being called returns.

A pointer to an FREObject. If calling this method results in the runtime throwing an ActionScript exception, this FREObject variable represents the ActionScript Error, or Error subclass, object. If no error occurs, the runtime sets this FREObject variable to be invalid. That is, FREGetObjectType() for the thrownException FREObject variable returns FRE_INVALID_OBJECT . This pointer can be NULL if you do not want to handle exception information.


An FREResult. The possible return values include, but are not limited to, the following:

The function succeeded. The ActionScript method returned without throwing an exception.

An ActionScript error occurred. The runtime sets the thrownException parameter to represent the ActionScript Error class or subclass object.

The extension context has acquired an ActionScript BitmapData or ByteArray object. The context cannot call this method until it releases the BitmapData or ByteArray object.

The method or result parameter is NULL , or argc is greater than 0 but argv is NULL .

The FREObject parameter or an argv FREObject element is invalid.

The methodName parameter does not match a method of the ActionScript class object that the object parameter represents. Another, less likely, reason for this return value exists. Specifically, consider the unusual case when an ActionScript class has two methods with the same name but the names are in different ActionScript namespaces.

The FREObject parameter does not represent an ActionScript class object.

The method was called from a thread other than the one on which the runtime has an outstanding call to a native extension function.


Call this function to call a method of an ActionScript class object.

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