AIR 3.0 and later


FREResult FREDispatchStatusEventAsync( 
            FREContext                 ctx, 
            const uint8_t*                 code, 
            const uint8_t*                 level 


An FREContext. This value is the FREContext variable that the extension context received in its context initialization function.

A pointer to a uint8_t. The runtime sets the code property of the StatusEvent object to this value. Use UTF-8 encoding for the string and terminate it with the null character.

A pointer to a uint8_t. This parameter is a utf8-encoded, null-terminated string. The runtime sets the level property of the StatusEvent object to this value.


An FREResult. The possible return values include, but are not limited to, the following:

The function succeeded.

The ctx , code , or level parameter is NULL . The runtime also returns this value if ctx is not valid.


Call this function to dispatch an ActionScript StatusEvent event. The target of the event is the ActionScript ExtensionContext instance that the runtime associated with the context specified by the ctx parameter.

Typically, the events this function dispatches are asynchronous. For example, an extension method can start another thread to perform some task. When the task in the other thread completes, that thread calls FREDispatchStatusEventAsync() to inform the ActionScript ExtensionContext instance.

Note: The FREDispatchStatusEventAsync() function is the only C API that you can call from any thread of your native implementation.

Unless one of its arguments is invalid, FREDispatchStatusEventAsync() return FRE_OK . However, returning FRE_OK does not mean that the event was dispatched. The runtime does not dispatch the event in the following cases:

  • The runtime has already disposed of the ExtensionContext instance.

  • The runtime is in the process of disposing of the ExtensionContext instance.

  • The ExtensionContext instance has no references. It is eligible for the runtime garbage collector to dispose of it.

Set the code and level parameters to any null-terminated, UTF8-encoded string values. These values are anything you want, but coordinate them with the ActionScript side of the extension.


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