Connecting to the Flash debugger

To debug an application running on a mobile device, you can run the Flash debugger on your development computer and connect to it over the network. To enable remote debugging, you must do the following:

  • On Android, specify the android:permission.INTERNET permission in the application descriptor.

  • Compile the application SWFs with debugging enabled.

  • Package the application with the -target apk-debug, for Android, or -target ipa-debug, for iOS, and either the -connect (wifi debugging) or -listen (USB debugging) flag.

For remote debugging over wifi, the device must be able to access TCP port 7935 of the computer running the Flash debugger by IP address or fully qualified domain name. For remote debugging over USB, the device must be able to access TCP port 7936 or the port specified in the -listen flag.

For iOS, you can also specify -target ipa-debug-interpreter or -target ipa-debug-interpreter-simulator.

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