Signing an AIR intermediate file with ADT

To sign an AIR intermediate file with ADT, use the -sign command. The sign command only works with AIR intermediate files (extension airi). An AIR file cannot be signed a second time.

To create an AIR intermediate file, use the adt -prepare command. (See ADT prepare command.)

Sign an AIRI file

 Use the ADT -sign command with following syntax:
adt -sign SIGNING_OPTIONS airi_file air_file

SIGNING_OPTIONS The signing options identify the private key and certificate with which to sign the AIR file. These options are described in ADT code signing options.

airi_file The path to the unsigned AIR intermediate file to be signed.

air_file The name of the AIR file to be created.

ADT -sign command example

adt -sign -storetype pkcs12 -keystore cert.p12 unsignedMyApp.airi myApp.air

For more information, see ADT sign command.

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