Creating processes based on existing process

Another way of creating a process is to start with a copy of an existing process and then modify it as required. This approach is useful when you want to create a process that is similar to the one you already have. You can also use this approach when you want to experiment with variations of the same process.

You can create a copy of the process either by using copy and paste or by using the Save As command. When using the Save As command, you can specify the new name for the copied process. The copy and paste method prompts for the new name only when the process is copied into the same application. If the process is copied to a different application, it retains its original name, which cannot be changed.

Create a process using copy and paste:

  1. In the Applications view, right-click the process and select Copy.

  2. Right-click the destination location and select Paste:

    • To paste the process at the root of the application version, right-click the application version node.

    • To paste the process in a folder under the application version, right-click the folder name.

  3. If you paste the process into the same application version, in the Name Conflict dialog box, type a new name.

Create a process using Save As:

  1. In the Applications view, select a process, and then select File > Save As. In the Save As dialog box, the description is copied from the process you selected.

  2. In the Name box, type the name for the new process.

  3. (Optional) In the Description box, type text to replace the existing description.

  4. In the Enter Or Select The Parent Folder box, specify the path to the process location within the application hierarchy. The path must include the name and version of the application and, optionally, subfolder names. An example of a valid path is /MyApp/1.0/processes. You can either type the path or select the required location from the application tree.

  5. (Optional) Click New Folder to create a subfolder in the application tree. Creating subfolders in the application tree is a recommended way of organizing your assets inside the application. For example, you can group different types of processes into separate folders.

  6. Click Finish.

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