Deleting processes

You can delete processes that you no longer require after they are checked in. Because all processes are visible to others who use the AEM forms Server, exercise caution before you delete a process. Otherwise, the following situations may occur:

  • Processes that use the deleted process as a subprocess will no longer function.

  • Process instances of a deleted process will stall.

You can delete processes in the Processes view and in the Applications view. Use the Processes view to delete processes created in LiveCycle ES (8.x). Use the Applications view to delete processes created in AEM forms Server. Undeploy the application before deleting a process. (See Deploying applications .)

You can delete processes that are locked if you are assigned the Application Administrator or Process Administrator role. It is recommended that you consult with the developer who locked the process to ensure that you can safely delete the process.

Note: Deleting processes that were imported as an archive file does not remove associated assets automatically. To remove a process and all of its assets, remove the archive file by using Applications and Services in administration console. (See AEM forms administration help .)

Delete a process:

  1. In the Processes view, right-click the process and select Delete.

  2. If a message appears prompting you to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

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