Deploying applications

Before you invoke an application, make it available in the runtime registry by deploying it. The application and the assets you want to include in the deployment must be checked in. You can deploy one or more applications at a time.

After the initial deployment, if you change parts of the application, you do not need to redeploy the entire application. Redeploy only the parts that are changed. When redeploying an updated long-lived process, the currently running process follows the updated steps in the new process if they are not already completed.

You can also undeploy the application. This procedure removes the application from the runtime registry, therefore making it unavailable for invoking. Use this approach to stop the application from running and to keep it in the repository. Undeploying is different from deleting because deleting also removes the application from the repository.

Note: Make sure that no instances of the process are running when you undeploy or delete the application. Otherwise, these instances will not complete.
Note: Undeploying the application deletes configurations that were done for the application in administration console. Therefore, when you deploy this application again, you must reconfigure it.
To check whether the application is deployed, pause the pointer on the name of the application in the Applications view. A tooltip shows either Not Deployed or Deployed. Also, the deployed applications use this icon in the applications tree.

Deploy an application

  1. Right-click the application version and select Deploy.

  2. If assets that are not deployed exist in your application, in the Check In Assets dialog box, specify how to proceed by selecting one of the following options:

    Check In All Files:
    Workbench checks in all the files.

    Check In Selected Files:
    Workbench checks in only the files that are selected for check-in.

    Check In None Of The Files:
    Workbench does not check in any files.
    Note: To select multiple files for check-in, press either Ctrl or Shift and click the files in the list.

Redeploy an application:

  1. Right-click the application version and select Deploy.

  2. Select Checkin All Files or Checkin Selected Files and specify the files that require check-in and deployment.

Undeploy an application:

Right-click the application version and select Undeploy, and then click OK in the Warning message.

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