Process events

Process events initiate automatically as the result of an internal process or action related to a form or objects on a form. These events initiate immediately following significant form changes; for example, after a form design is merged with data or after the form pagination process finishes. Process events also initiate immediately after interactive events initiate. For example, immediately after any interactive event initiates, the calculate event initiates followed by the validate event.

The following list contains the process events, which are available from the Show list in the Script Editor:

  • calculate

  • form:ready

  • indexChange

  • initialize

  • layout:ready

  • validate

    Process events can initiate many times as a result of dependencies; that is, actions associated with a single event that ultimately initiates one or more additional events. Using an example of a form filler clicking a button to reveal a previously hidden portion of the form, after the form filler clicks the button, not only does a series of interactive and processing events initiate for the button itself, but a number of process events for the new subform initiates as well.

    The following image represents the general flow of events leading up to a PDF form opening in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

    After the form opens in Acrobat or Adobe Reader, these process events may still initiate as the result of changes made to the form. For example, the calculate , validate , and layout:ready events for an object initiate immediately after some interactive events occur; therefore, calculations and scripts attached to the processing events will run multiple times.

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