Application events

Application events initiate as a result of the actions that a client application or a server application perform, either due to a form filler action or an automated process. Application events do not exist as part of a general flow of events. They are single events that correspond to actions that the client or server application performs.

The following list contains the processing events, which are available from the Show list in the Script Editor:

  • docClose

  • docReady

  • postPrint

  • postSave

  • postSubmit

  • prePrint

  • preSave

  • preSubmit

    For example, the following image displays the general flow of events for the preSave event.

    If a form filler saves the form in Acrobat or Adobe Reader, the preSave event initiates immediately before the save operation, followed by the calculate , validate , and layout:ready events, in that sequence for all objects on the form. The same event sequence initiates if the form contains a script that programmatically saves the form.

    A similar sequence of events occurs for each of the other application events previously listed.

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