layout:ready event


Initiates after the form design and data are merged, the form exists, and the form’s layout is applied. At this time, the finished form has not been rendered; therefore, a calculation or script set to run on this event could modify the layout before the form is rendered. This event also occurs after the form is rendered if a calculation or script changes the data or causes a change to the form in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Note: Scripts that fire on layout:ready should not do anything that would cause the layout of the form to change. For example, this would include anything involving subforms or tables that grow or shrink, adding fragments dynamically at run time, adding or removing subform instances, and toggling the presence setting of an object between hidden and visible.

Fields in interactive forms that contain the layout:ready event are supported in Acrobat 7.0.5 and later.


Processing event


Client application


Acrobat and Adobe Reader


HTML browser



XFA 2.1


You can use this event to perform tasks immediately after the form layout is established. For example, you can use this event to determine the number of pages the form contains.

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