click event


Initiates when a mouse click occurs within the region. When a click event initiates for a text or numeric field, calculations or scripts execute immediately. However, the value of the field does not change in response to calculations and scripts until the field loses focus.

Note: You cannot place a calculation or script on the click event of a submit button because the calculation or script will override the submission action. Instead, place any calculations and scripts on the preSubmit event for a submit button. For more information about form submission actions, see the Designer Help.


Interactive event


Client application


Acrobat and Adobe Reader


HTML browser



XFA 2.1


Use this event for performing an action as a direct response to a form filler clicking a button or selecting a radio button or check box on a form. For example, you can use the click event for a check box to hide and show a field on the form.

For a detailed example of using the click event, see Changing the visual properties of an object on the client .

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