change event


Initiates when a form filler changes the content of a field by performing one of these actions:

  • Types a keystroke providing the field has keyboard focus

  • Pastes data into the field

  • Makes a selection from a list box or drop-down list

  • Selects or deselects a check box

  • Changes the setting of a group of radio buttons

    This event does not initiate in response to changes in the object values as a result of calculations or scripts, or by the merging of the form design with data.


Interactive event


Client application


Acrobat and Adobe Reader


HTML browser


(Only for drop-down lists)


XFA 2.1


Use this event for any calculations or scripts that must initiate in response to a form filler changing the value of a field. For example, you can use the change event for a drop-down list to highlight specific rows in a table. Using this technique, each time the form filler selects a value in the drop-down list, the corresponding row of the table appears highlighted.

Note: Scripting against an object's 'this.rawValue' does not work. Use the event model property $event.fullText instead to get the object's current value.

For a detailed example of using the change event, see Getting the current or previous value of a drop-down list .

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