Data View palette menu

The Data View palette menu displays commands for working with the Data View palette. Access this menu by clicking the palette menu button. You can also access the context menu for the Data View palette when you click the right mouse button.

Opens Designer Help and displays a description of the Data View palette.

Hide Palette
Hides the palette.

New Data Connection
Establishes a data connection, which provides a description of the connection between the data source and the form design.

Delete Data Connection
Removes the selected data connection from the form design.

Connection Properties
Displays properties of the current data connection; some of them can be modified.

Generate Fields
Creates new fields, subforms, and subform sets in the form design that correspond to the data hierarchy that is represented by the data connection.

Filter Data View
Lets you choose the nodes to display in the Data View palette.

Clear Data View Filter
Clears the filter that you applied to the Data View palette.

Displays the options that are applied when you generate a field or group of fields by using the Generate Fields command.

Show Data Names
Displays the data name of the object which is the default.

Show Data Descriptions
Displays the data description of the object, up to a maximum of 25 characters. If the object has no description, the data name is displayed.

Show Both
Displays both the data name and the description of the object.

Show Info
Shows or hides the properties of the node that is selected in the Data View.

Refresh Data View
Refreshes all data connections in the current template.

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