Menus and Commands

A menu displays a list of commands. Some of these commands have icons next to them so that you can easily associate the command with the corresponding button in the toolbar. Others have assigned accelerator keys, which are identified by an underline, and keyboard shortcuts that you can use to quickly perform common tasks.

In addition to the menus at the top of the Designer window and many of the palettes, context menus display commands relevant to the active palette or page.

To open a menu using the keyboard

To open a menu using the keyboard, press Alt + [accelerator key] , and then select a menu command by pressing the accelerator key for that command. For example, to open the Edit menu and select the Cut command, press Alt+E T. You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl+X to select the Cut command.

To display a context menu

  1. Position the pointer over the palette or page.

  2. Click the right mouse button. The context menu appears where you clicked.

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