To select the default locale

Before you check the spelling in a form, you should verify that the correct default form locale is selected. The locale option that is selected in the Default Form Locale list in the Form Properties dialog box specifies the default language that Designer uses to check spelling. For quick reference, the current spell-check language is indicated in the upper-right corner of the Check Spelling dialog box, just below the title bar.

If you apply different locale options to individual objects in the form by using the Locale list in the Object palette, those locale settings override the default form locale setting. That is, when the locale setting for an object is different from the locale setting for the form, Designer identifies the words (text) associated with these objects as being misspelled.

When applying different locale options to individual objects, keep in mind that the objects that are within tables and subforms automatically receive the same locale setting as the table and subform object.

Note: If you select a locale option (language) that the spell-check feature does not support, a message appears indicating that objects with that particular locale setting will not be spell checked.
  1. Select File > Form Properties.

  2. Click the Defaults tab and, in the Form Locale list, select the language you want the spell-check feature to use.

  3. Click OK.

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