Add and link index keywords

If you add the same keyword to an index using different capitalization, the Index Designer adds the keywords as one entry, based on the first entry.

If the index includes index file keywords and topic keywords that are identical, the keywords are merged when you generate the project. In the Index tab, they appear as one keyword. (In the Index Designer, they appear as separate keywords.)

When you convert a WinHelp project (HPJ file) into a RoboHelp project (XPJ file), the keywords in the WinHelp topics are saved as keywords in the index file.

Add index keywords using the toolbar

1)In the Index pod, do one of the following:

To add a keyword, click the New Index Keyword button index_keyword.png.

To add a subkeyword, select a parent keyword from the list. Click the New Index Subkey­word button index_subkeyword.png.

2)Type the keyword in the text box. Press Enter.

The keyword is added to the index. It appears in bold, indicating that it is not yet linked to topics.

tip:   To quickly add a keyword and subkeywords, skip step 1 and type the keyword and the subkey­words separated by \ and click Add Keyword.

3)Select Project > Open > Pods > Topic List. The Topic List pod appears.

4)To link the keyword to topics, drag topics from the Topic List pod to the lower panel in the Index pod.

The linked keyword changes from bold to plain text.

Add index keywords based on a topic title

1)Open the Index pod.

2)Select Project > Open > Pods > Topic List.

3)In the Topic List pod, select a topic.

A question mark icon white_ico.png indicates that a topic is not added to the index.

4)Drag the topic into the upper pane of the Index Designer.

The keyword name is based on the topic title. You can rename it.

Add index keywords using topic properties

1)In the Topic List or Project Manager pod, select a topic.

2)Click the Properties button Properties.png.

3)In the Topic Properties dialog box, select the Index tab.

4)In the text box, type a keyword. To add a subkeyword, type the main keyword, a backslash, and the subkeyword.

5)Click Add.

Add index keywords by selecting topic text

1)Double-click a topic to open it in the Design view.

2)Select text to use as a keyword.

3)Right-click the text, and select Add To > Index Keyword > [index].

Copy index keywords

You can copy index keywords between topics. After copying, you can customize them to work with individual topics.

1)In the Topic List pod, right-click a topic and select the Properties button Properties.png.

2)Click the Index tab.

3)Click Add Existing.

On the left, a list of all keywords in the project appears. On the right, a list of all keywords for the current topic appears. If the topic is not yet indexed, no keywords appear.

4)Copy the index keywords to the topic:

To copy a single keyword, select it on the left and click the single arrow button.

To copy all keywords, click the double arrow button.

5)Click OK. The keywords are linked to the topic.

tip:   To modify index keywords you copy, select a keyword. Enter text under Index Keywords. Click Replace.

Select an index keyword destination

You can link keywords to various destinations. When a user clicks the keyword, the destination opens in the topic pane.

1)In the Index pod, select a keyword.

2)Under Topics For, right-click a keyword topic.

3)Select Properties.

4)Under Existing Topics, specify a destination and click OK.

Select an item in the list. If needed, select from the pop-up menu and navigate to the item. You can link to items in other projects.

To create a topic as an index keyword topic, click New Topic. Type a title, change the file­name if needed, and select a master page.

To link to another type of destination, click the Link To pop-up menu and select a desti­nation type. Type the identifying URL, e-mail address, FTP address, or baggage filename for the destination type.


The Name and Link To fields are disabled when you specify topic keywords. With topic keywords, a keyword can link only to the topic in which it is stored. It uses the topic title as the name.

Find Topic locates a topic within the project to add an index keyword topic or modify its prop­erties.

Create index keywords with user-defined variables

User-defined variables let you create multiple versions of an index keyword.

1)In the Index pod, right-click a keyword. Select Properties.

2)From the Available Variables menu, select a variable. Click Add.

The variable is listed in the Index Keyword box.

3)(Optional) In the Index Keyword box, add a prefix or suffix to the variable. For example, add the prefix “Adobe” to the variable “RoboHelp.”

4)From the Topics list, select a topic to link this new keyword to.

5)Click OK.

Cross-reference index keywords

You can cross-reference index keywords so that when users select the cross-referenced keyword in the index, an alternate keyword appears. The user can select it to display the topic.

You can cross-reference only index file keywords.

1)In the Index pod, add a keyword to cross-reference. (This keyword links to the alternate keyword).

2)Right-click a keyword. Select Properties.

3)Select Cross-References. From the pop-up menu, select an alternate keyword.

The cross-reference appears in the lower panel of the Index Designer.

Version-control projects may have more options.

September 30, 2016

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