WebHelp Pro and FlashHelp Pro layouts


About WebHelp Pro and FlashHelp Pro

WebHelp Pro and FlashHelp Pro layouts deliver server-based output for web and applications. To publish this output to a server, RoboHelp Server must be installed.

WebHelp Pro is an uncompiled output type that supports standard Help features.

You create WebHelp Pro or FlashHelp Pro projects in RoboHelp, authoring content, adding features, and customizing the appearance. When you're ready to view and test the output, generate the project. RoboHelp creates output files in a single folder within the project folder.

Increased speed

The Contents, Index, and Search tabs appear more quickly.

Usage information logged in a database

Access the database to improve applications.

Runtime project merging

Merge multiple projects at runtime or when accessing the Help system from a server.

Window properties

Server access accommodates Toolbar, Menu, Location Bar, and Status Bar options. To set these tool properties, double-click a window in the Windows folder of the Output Setup pod.

Convert desktop Help to WebHelp Pro

1)Contact the server administrator or IT department to ensure that RoboHelp Server is installed and to learn its name.

2)Find the path or location of RoboHelp Server and specify it in the project.

3)Open the project in RoboHelp. Set WebHelp Pro as the output.

4)Connect to the server by publishing the project files.

5)To access the server, enter its domain name in the browser address bar. Ask the server admin­istrator for the URL.

September 30, 2016

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