Publish output

You can publish output for WebHelp and FlashHelp projects. After you specify an output location, publish the output whenever needed. Publish multiple versions of a project (including to multiple locations) using batch-processing.

You can select to publish only the files that changed since they were last published.

1)In the Single Source Layouts pod, right-click the layout and select Properties.

2)Do the following:

(WebHelp) Click Publish.

(FlashHelp) Click Next until the Publish dialog box appears.

3)Specify a publishing destination by doing one of the following:

Select or edit an existing destination from the Servers box, set options as necessary, and click Save.

Check For Deleted Files

If selected, RoboHelp HTML checks for files that have been deleted from the destination loca­tion and republishes them.

Prompt Before Overwriting Files

If selected, RoboHelp prompts you before overwriting files.

Republish All

Select to republish all files to the destination target. For master projects with a copy of the subproject in the subfolder, do not select Republish All. You then avoid overwriting output files already published to the same location.

note:    If you change the destination to a new host, specify the user ID and password and save the password in the registry, if necessary.

To specify a new destination, click New. Type a descriptive name and set options as necessary. Click OK.

Merging Help Systems

To publish a subproject to the MergedProjects folder, specify the following information:

In Host Name, enter the IP address or URL.

In Server Directory, enter the path to the master project: /.../[master project]/Merged­Projects/[subproject]. This path resides on the server after the master project is published.


Options depend on the selected connection protocol.

Server Name

Server on which to publish files. You can use an IP address.

User ID

Specifies the user ID to connect to the host.


Specifies the password for the user ID. The network system administrator can provide this information.

Save Password

Saves the password so you do not need to enter it when you publish the files. (Saving the pass­word enters the password into the registry. It is not encrypted.)


Port to use when connecting to the host.

Anonymous User

Publishes the files as an anonymous user that does not require a password. If you supply a pass­word or other anonymous information such as an e-mail address, deselect this option. Type Anonymous in the user ID box, and type a password in the Password box.

Server Directory

Specifies the destination directory on the server. The default is a forward slash.

Web Name

The name of a FrontPage Web on the server selected in Host Name. (No initial slash is required for subwebs.)

note:   Web Name is used only if FrontPage Server Extensions are installed on the server. Otherwise, the files are published to the server directory specified using FTP://.

Destination Path

(HTTP protocol) Path to the location to publish the files.

4)In the Single Source Layouts pod, right-click the layout, and select Publish. If prompted, choose whether to generate and include changes before publishing.

5)Click Close.

View the output from the server to see changes and server-dependent features.

September 30, 2016

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