Screen profiles

Screen profiles enable you to define unique screen specifications for different devices. When you add a screen profile to the Multiscreen HTML5 SSL, RoboHelp generates optimized output for that screen profile.

For example, if you create different screen profiles for a smartphone and a tab or an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Tab, you will be able to generate different output that’s optimized for these devices.

A screen profile has the following attributes:

Screen resolution

Specify a range of resolutions in pixels for devices that should map to this screen profile. For details, see Use device pixel ratio for screen size and resolution.

note:    If you have created any style using the screen profile, changing the width range requires manual updating of the style sheet. Save the screen properties and update the style sheet. For step-by-step instructions, see Manage media queries.


(Optional) Enables you to generate and display browser-specific output for devices that match the resolution of this screen profile. For example, if an iPhone and Android phone match the width and height range specified in this screen profile, RoboHelp looks for browser agent information to generate and display the appropriate output. For more information about browser agents, see Configuring Responsive HTML5 prerequisites.

September 30, 2016

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