Use device pixel ratio for screen size and resolution

When you create a screen profile, you define the minimum and maximum width and height based on the screen resolution of the that you plan to target for output. For example, if you plan to target a desktop device, you specify the minimum width as 1080 and minimum height as 1920. However, high screen resolution (HD and Full HD) devices often have screen resolutions that are 1080 x 1920. This causes the output to display incorrectly on these devices since the hardware, using the screen resolution, identifies the device as a large screen desktop.

To identify the screen resolution of your target device, you need to use the abstract screen resolution:

Physical screen resolution:

Available with the device specifications (manual)

Device pixel ratio

A list of devices and their corresponding pixel ratios are available at: Device pixel density tests.

For more information on device pixel ratio, see More about device Pixel Ratio.

Abstract screen resolution

To calculate the abstract screen resolution: (physical screen resolution) / device pixel ratio

When you create a screen profile, the following screen widths recommendations are provided:


0 to 699


700 to 1295


1296 to 99999

September 30, 2016

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