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About JavaHelp

JavaHelp is a compressed output type that works with applications written in the Java programming language. JavaHelp and Java applications run on various platforms.

RoboHelp provides support for the JavaHelp format and automatically creates all Java-based Help features and the HTML-based features such as HTML content and hypertext links. You can also leverage existing WinHelp and HTML projects to create JavaHelp systems. A file compression feature is available for distributing the JavaHelp system.

JavaHelp is a compressed file (JAR file) or a set of files used to run a Help system for a Java applica­tion. RoboHelp copies all the files to distribute into the JavaHelp folder, or into a JAR file if you choose to compile Help.

Authoring requirements

Sun Java 2 SDK or later

JavaHelp 1.1.3 or later

User requirements

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.2.1 or later

JavaHelp 1.1.3 or later

Generate JavaHelp output

Generating JavaHelp saves the source files in the project subfolder JavaHelp (default).

When you generate JavaHelp files, RoboHelp can translate Related Topics controls into controls specifically for JavaHelp.

1)Place the Bsscjhrc.jar file in the application extensions folder, or in the class path passed to the Java Virtual Machine (Java.exe).

2)Incorporate related topics controls in the topics.

3)Generate the output.

note:   If question marks appear instead of Related Topics controls, the Bsscjhrc.jar file is not in the correct location.

Merge JavaHelp projects

Adding the reference merges all elements in the external HelpSet file with the existing project.

note:   You can add external navigation views (TOC, index, search) as remote views. However, adding the reference to an external HS file adds all views, with other project files, to the existing project.

JavaHelp limitations


Supports all caps and small caps.

Custom colors

Some custom colors don’t appear accurately in the JavaHelp viewer.

Expanding glossary hotspot definitions

Appear inline.


Fonts are automatically set to JavaHelp default fonts. Font size is unsupported.


Only simple forms appear properly in the JavaHelp viewer.



HTML files generated by Word 2000 or later


HTML Help controls

Supports WinHelp topic, Shortcut, Table of Contents, Index, Splash Screen, Close Window, and HHCTRL Version.


Don’t appear consistently in compressed JavaHelp. Background images and image maps are unsupported.


Supports links to e-mail addresses, FTP sites, and external files.


Only simple bulleted or numbered lists appear properly in the JavaHelp viewer.


Supports sound files, such as WAV or MIDI, and video files, such as AVI.

Paragraph alignment

Supports tags, such as P align=”center”.

Plain text

Supports non-HTML files.

Pop-up links

The pop-up note window does not have a bottom border if the entire pop-up note is contained within the content frame. This limitation does not apply to text-only pop-up notes.

Special effects

Supports ActiveX controls, DHTML, JavaScript, startup screens, and Visual Basic scripts.

Style sheets

Support for partial cascading style sheets is provided with JavaHelp 1.1. (External style sheets work correctly.) You can use level 1 cascading style sheets with the Sun Java 2 JDK or later, or Swing 1.1.1 with Sun Java 2 JDK or later.

Table attributes

The following attributes are unsupported:

Values set in the initial tag (TABLE) of a table override cell width specifications.

The table width attribute (TABLE WIDTH) functions when specified in absolute pixels, but not in percentages.

When used within the TABLE tag, the background color attribute (BGCOLOR) does not function.

When used within the TABLE tag, the break tag (BR) causes the table cell to expand by the number of BR tags used.

note:   This feature is supported in JavaHelp 1.1.3 and later.

Table alignment cannot be set precisely.

Text animations and effects


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