Output generation basics

You generate output to your local hard drive. When you generate a layout output for the first time, a new subfolder is created for the generated output files. It is in the project folder under \!SSL!\[layout name].

note:   Each time you generate output, RoboHelp deletes the output folder files created in the last session. If you add or hand-code files in the output subfolder, copy them to another location before you generate output.

1)In the Single Source Layouts Pod, right-click the layout. Select Generate.

2)Set options according to the layout type.

3)Click Finish.

Tips for optimal project generation

Work locally, not from a network.

RoboHelp must access all of the files in your project when generating the output. If a project consists of thousands of files, even a minor delay caused by network traffic compounds as RoboHelp attempts to access each file. These delays can adversely affect the generation times.

Exclude the project folder from virus scan.

note:   Turning off virus-scanning software increases speed but is not recommended for security reasons.

Ensure that your system has sufficient memory.

September 30, 2016

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