Generate dynamic user-centric content (DUCC)

Generate AdobeĀ® AIRĀ® and WebHelp output as integrated Help systems with different content cate­gories. Users select the content category that's relevant for them and navigate and search within the content category. Each content category has its own TOC, index, and glossary. Creating dynamic user-centric content is useful if end users have to quickly toggle between the content for different roles, products, or variants. For example, queries that a call center agent handles sometimes pertain to different areas of system administration (for example, user administration, site administration, and content administration). The ability to view and search the system administration content as a set of modular content categories accessible from the same interface works as a time-saver where you handle queries in real time.

For information about how to create content categories, see Configure the Adobe AIR layout and Generate WebHelp output.

A. Content category definition in SSL B.Content category selection in the output


September 30, 2016

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