Adding processes to the Favorites category

You can add any process to your Favorites category. By setting favorites, you can group all the processes that you frequently start into a single category so that you can find them quickly.

If you usually start processes when you use Workspace, you can set the Start Location preference to automatically display the Favorites category when you start Workspace.

Make a process a favorite

  1. Select the category that contains the process.

  2. Perform one of the following steps:

    • In the Card view or List view, select the process and drag it to the Favorites category in the list on the left.

    • In the Card view, click the hollow star outline  next to the process name. The process is added to your favorite category, and the outline of the star is filled in  to indicate that the process is a favorite.

    Note: You can only remove a process from the Favorites category in Card view by clicking the star again. The icon reverts to a hollow star.

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