Editing the XML for the DDX Document

Use Document Builder to view and directly edit document templates. Document Builder has built-in assistants that provide context-sensitive hints on suitable elements or on available attributes for the current element.

Edit the XML

  1. Ensure that the DDX document to edit is open in Document Builder.

  2. Click Source (upper-right corner).

  3. To add new content, position the cursor within the XML content and type the content. This behavior is similar to a line editor.

  4. To modify existing content, select the content to change and retype the revised text. This behavior is also similar to a line editor.

  5. Validate the DDX file by clicking Validate. (See Validating the DDX Document.)

  6. Preview the result by clicking Preview. (See Previewing the Result from a DDX Document.)

You cannot type tabs in Document Builder. As a result, new lines begin at column 1. When Document Builder redisplays the XML for a modified DDX document, the XML is pretty-printed. Document Builder redisplays the XML in these situations:

  • You close and then open the DDX document.

  • You switch from Design and then back to Source.

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