Best practices for mobile devices

Employ the following design practices when you expect users to open tasks from mobile devices:

  • Configure the Assign Task or Assign Multiple Tasks operations to allow tasks to be completed without opening the form or Guide. (See Make opening tasks optional.) On mobile devices, users cannot fill forms and cannot open Guides.

  • Use Adobe PDF or Adobe XML (XDP) forms. Mobile users are sent PDF documents that are created from these types of forms for viewing:

    • If the Output service is installed on the LiveCycle Server, the form is flattened so that it is compatible with mobile devices. The PDF document is static and field values cannot be changed.

    • If the Output service is not installed, the PDF form is delivered.

    • If you use a different type of form, it is delivered to the mobile device. However, most devices support PDF.

  • Use transparent 32x32 PNG images for the process icon. Larger images can be used, but 32x32 is ideal. The icon appears next to the task in the list of tasks. (See Creating processes using the New Process wizard.)

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