Building XPath expressions that use functions

Workbench supports XPath expressions that include functions. Functions are evaluated at run time.

Most functions require input parameters on which they act. Use the procedure in this topic to add a function to the expression work area and specify the input parameters.

To build an expression that uses functions:

  1. In XPath Builder, click Functions.

  2. In the function library, expand function groups and locate the function that you want to use in the expression.

  3. Choose either of these ways to add the function to the expression:

    • Select the function and click Insert Selection.

    • Double-click the function.

    Detail of XPath Builder dialog box
    A. Selected function B. Click to insert C. Inserted expression

    If the function requires input parameters, placeholder text for each parameter appears within parentheses after the function name. Parameters are separated by a comma. If the function requires no input parameters, no text appears within the parentheses. For example, the function contains(string, string) requires two string parameters.

  4. If the function that you added requires one or more input parameters, specify the values to use for each parameter:

    • In the expression work area, select the placeholder text for a parameter of the function. For example, for the function contains(string, string), you would select one of the string parameters.

    • While the function parameter is selected, enter the text to use for the parameter value:

      • To use the results of another function, select the function in the function library and click Insert Selection.

      • To use data from the data tree, click Process Data to display the process data tree, select the data item to use as the parameter and click Insert Selection.

      • To enter other text, type the value.

      The value that you specified replaces the input parameter that you selected in the work area.

  5. If you used another function as an input parameter, repeat step 4 to specify the parameter values for the function.

  6. When the expression is complete, click OK.

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