Get Legal Attestation operation

Retrieves the legal attestation values for the document. Legal attestation is attributed to a certification signature. There is only one certification signature present in a PDF document. For more information on legal attestations, see the PDF Utilities Service.

For example, your application must retrieve attestations for digital signatures in a PDF document. You use the Get Legal Attestation operation to retrieve legal warnings that pertain to the certification signature in the PDF document.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Input properties

Properties to specify the input PDF document and whether to generate legal attestations.

Input PDF

A document value that represents a PDF document.

If you provide a literal value, clicking the ellipsis button opens the Select Asset dialog box. (See About Select Asset.)

Generate Attestations On The Fly

(Optional) A boolean value that determines whether the legal attestation counter values are calculated or picked up from the dictionary. The default value is False, which means that the counter values are picked up from the pre-existing dictionary.

Output properties

Property to specify the legal warnings result.

Legal Warnings Result

The location in the process data model to store information about legal warnings in the document. The data type is PDFLegalWarnings.

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