Get PDF Properties operation

The Get PDF Properties operation performs queries on the specified PDF document and returns the results as a PDFPropertiesResult value.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties.

Input properties

Property to specify the PDF document to query.


A document value that represents the PDF document to query.

Query Options

(Optional) A PDFPropertiesOptionSpec value that specifies which queries are performed. If you provide a literal value, set one or more of the following boolean properties to form the query:

  • Is a PDF Document

  • Is a PDF Package

  • Get the PDF Version

  • Check for Attachments

  • Check for Comments

  • Recommended Acrobat Version

  • Form Type

  • Check for AcroForm

  • Has a Fillable Form

  • Is an XFA Document

  • Get the XFA Version

    A value of null means that either the property was not requested or could not be determined.

Output properties

Property to specify the result of the query.

PDF Properties

A PDFPropertiesResult value that contains the result of the query.


This operation can throw a PDFUtilityException exception.

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